4Te Araroa National Walkway

Te Araroa national walkway
Length 30 km for the Whangarei Heads Section of the walk
Difficulty High Fitness
Start Footbridge over river joining Pataua North and Pataua North
Finish Jetty at southern end of McLeod Bay
Toilets Ocean Beach Car Park and Reotahi Marine Reserve car park
Features Spectacular variety of walking and scenery

The Te Ara Roa National walkway stretches the whole length of New Zealand and passes through Whangarei Heads from Pataua South, over Kauri Mountain and along Kauri Mt Beach before leading through the Bream Head Scenic Reserve, around the Reotahi coastal walkway, and finishing at the jetty at the southern end of McLeod Bay. You can choose to walk part of this track and there are several locations that offer good car parking and access.

For more information about this walk visit teararoa.org.nz/northland.

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