A H Reed Memorial Park

AH Reed Memorial (Kauri) Park

The A H Reed Memorial Park encompasses a 1.5-hour easy return walk from Whangarei Falls which includes the loop Canopy walkway.


The walk incorporating both the Whangarei waterfall and the A H Reed Memorial Park can be started at two different car parks (parking is free at both start points) as follows.  Either:

  • from the Whangarei Falls car park at Boundary Road, Tikipunga (off Ngunguru Rd); or
  • from A.H. Reed Memorial Kauri Park at 199 Whareora Road, Whareora*

*Please note Access for the disabled to the Canopy Walkway is from the middle car park on Whareora Road

The Kauri Canopy walk is only 15-minute return loop walk unless you choose to take a detour which is (signposted) to one or both waterfalls: Pukenui Falls or the Paranui Falls (150m).

The A H Reed Memorial Park is a stunning and a resplendent example of the Northland Kauri forest.   

It is noteworthy to have these magnificent trees protected in such a way given that Kauri forests were originally extensive throughout Northland.

Fortunately, this park was given a reserve status in 1889 and showcases beautiful natural bush and mature Kauri trees that are spellbinding.  In 1956 it was named A H Reed Memorial Park after the late Sir Alfred Hamish Reed (among his many attributes in his contribution to NZ he was a known author and publisher).  This honour was well deserved as he played a significant role in protecting the Kauri trees and the Whangarei Falls (from quarrying).  For an interesting and informative background into the life of Sir Alfred Hamish Reed refer to Wikipedia.

This park is an easy walk that includes a beautiful Canopy walkway (boardwalk) that gives one the impression that you are walking amongst the treetops.  You will enjoy an elevated view of the gully/stream below and the tops of the variety of stunning fauna including ferns and Nikau palms. 

This boardwalk, along with protecting the roots and base of the trees, also allows you to get close up to the impressive 500+-year-old Kauri trees that were once a huge resource in Northland.  Another key benefit is this forest canopy also provides access for those living with disabilities.

It is well worth continuing your walk over the wee bridge (very photogenic!) to the pleasant and picturesque track following the stream/Hatea river to the AH Reed Memorial park.      

It is an easy (approximately 30 minutes one way), flat (ish) walk from the bottom of the waterfall to the Memorial (Kauri) Park (which is a further loop walk of 15 minutes).  It is a very pleasant track as you follow the Hatea River, over a swing bridge, and a couple of clearings.  One clearing opens up to where you can choose to go either left or right (either option is fine as it leads back to the one track again).

Please note that there is a “clean boot” area as you enter the AH Reed Memorial Park.

For easy reference view or download one or both of the following brochures/guides/maps.This is necessary to protect the Kauri trees from the Kauri dieback disease (caused by a microscopic fungus-like organism which can be spread by just a pinhead of soil).  There is no cure for Kauri dieback disease and is subsequently threatening this treasured Kauri with extinction.   The value of this NZ treasure cannot be understated. You can read more about Kauri dieback disease here.

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